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2nd International Poster Competition"Water is Life" 2014

Theme:Water Is Life

Deadline:31 December 2014


International "Water is Life"
poster competition for students
All students of art, design, graphic and communication de
sign and architecture are invited to submit poster designs
for the international "Water is Life 2014/2015" competition.
The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of the
vital importance of access to water among the broader
public through international "Water is Life" exhibitions.
Water is a human right
Water is source of sustenance, a means of transport, a
source of energy, the backbone of ecosystems, and an
essential economic and cultural good. It is also not as
plentiful as it may seem.
People can not live without water
"Around two thirds of our bodies consist of water; some
75% of our brain is made up of water, "explains Bolivia's UN
Ambassador, Pablo Solón. "Water is the principal vehicle for
the electrochemical transmissions of our body and helps to
regulate the temperature of our body. It is possible to survive
for several weeks without food, but it is not possible to
survive more than a few days without water. "Nevertheless,
millions of people have to survive everyday without clean
water. "Diarrhoea is the second largest cause of death
among children. Lack of access to potable water kills more
people than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. "Spea
king in front of the UN General Assembly, Solón paused for
a moment: "That was just three and a half seconds. Every
three and a half seconds a child dies because it does not
have clean water. "
According to the OECD, the ongoing growth of populations,
urbanisation, globalisation and economic growth will lead
to a 55% increase in the demand for water by 2050. By
that time 2.3 billion people will not have adequate access
to water, in particular in Africa and Central Asia. The United
Nations University Declaration on Human Rights affirms
the right to safe and clean drinking water - a right that is,
however, not binding under international law.
Despite major advances in the past decades, 780 million
people still have inadequate access to safe drinking water
and 2.5 billion people lack basic sanitation facilities. It is not
utopian to aim to provide everyone with safe drinking water
and sanitation facilities.
To this end, we need competent and committed action from
person to person in order to make water resources and a
humane access to drinking water accessible to everyone.
Terms of participation
Who can take part?
All students of art, design, graphic and communication
design and architecture can take part in the competition,
as long as they are enrolled in a state or private art college
or university at the time of entering. Graduates can also
take part if they completed their studies less than twelve
months ago.
The competition is open to all countries. Excluded from
the competition are posters that have been previously
published or publicised before 1 August 2013.
Poster topic
The subject is "Water is Life": we recommended that you
conduct thorough research, as the topic is wide-ranging
in scope, touching not just on biological aspects of life but
also on political and economic issues.
Content-related, formal and legal requirements
All posters have to include the following text:
• in German: "Wasser ist Leben", or
• in English: "Water is Life"
• and the "Water for Life 2005-2015" logo (the logo can
be downloaded from
Further text, information or slogans can be added if
Up to 4 posters can be submitted per entrant (as individual
works or as a series). All posters must be submitted
digitally (by uploading them online) and must meet the
following requirements:
1. Format: DIN A4 (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm, portrait or lands
cape format)
2. Resolution: 400 - 600 dpi
3. Colour mode: RGB
4. File format: JPEG (Quality factor: 10 - 12)
5. Maximum file size: 15 MB
6. File name (This should be named as follows: first name,
surname, country, date (year-month-day) and, if several
submissions are made, please number them consecu
tively). Example: 'John_Doe_USA_2014-11-08_No.01'
7. Brief description of the poster concept (see online form)
Through the completion and submission of the competition
form (to be completed online and submitted with the
uploaded poster file!), the entrant confirms that he or she
is the exclusive copyright holder and author of the poster.
Submission of the competition form also authorises the
competition organisers to use the submitted posters in
one or more exhibitions, on its competition homepage, in
a catalogue and for publicity purposes for the exhibition (s).
Usage beyond this scope will be negotiated on an indivi
dual basis.
Only posters that meet these criteria will qualify for entry in
the competition!
There is no right of appeal.
1st prize: 5000 Euros
2nd prize: 3000 Euros
3rd prize: 2000 Euros


An expert judging panel will select the best 100 entries,
which will be presented in a catalogue and shown world
wide in a travelling exhibition. The 100 successful entrants
will all receive a free copy of the catalogue.
In addition to awarding the prizes, the organisers may also
elect to purchase additional individual posters.
Judging panel
The jury comprises a panel of international experts on pos
ter art and design and representatives of the organisers,
the ZVSHK.
Deadline for entries
Your poster (s) must be uploaded digitally by midnight
(24:00 GMT) on 31 December 2014. The online submissi
on form will then be closed.
Complete the online competition application form and
upload your poster file (s) for submissions.
Time schedule
After the closing date (31 Dec 2014, 24:00 GMT), the
judging panel will start judging the entries. A list of winners
will be published online from 22 March 2015 onwards on
the competition homepage:
The three prize winning entries will be informed in advance
by the competition organisers.
The 100 nominations will be exhibited at the ISH 2015
international trade fair in Frankfort from 10-14 March
2015. On World Water Day, the 22 March 2015, the exhi
bition of the poster competition will open at the German
Federal Press Office in Berlin. The top three winners will
receive their awards during the opening ceremony




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