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 The13th International Meeting of Cartoon and Caricature/ Mexico 2014


As part of the Guadalajara International Book Fair will be held the thirteenth International Meeting of Cartoon and Caricature, as part of the activities that take place on University Center for Art, Architecture and Design (CUAAD) of the University of Guadalajara.

The International Meeting of Cartoon and Caricature meets at other times, the exponents in the fields of caricature and cartoonists, illustrators and graphic designers both national and international stature.

This year, within our guests have the presence of Nani, of Colombia, Jours de Papier, Rafael Barajas The Voyeur, Rius, Ricardo Cucamonga, Nadim, Manuel Fontdevilla, David Painter and Bef among many others.

Among the activities, exhibition and tribute to the work of Sixto Valencia Burgos, artistic director of Memin Pinguin, whose La Catrina prize will be delivered next December 6 at 13:00 in the premises of the Expo will also be held Guadalajara.

This will be the second time that the meeting seeks the participation of students from the university and not just the general public, so also will conduct workshops, run by the guests at the meeting, said the head of the Department of Projects communication, master Aurea Santoyo Market.

"This year we have five workshops. We are going to have a program through clinics to seat 300 people, and the idea is that cartoonists present their work through a direct dialogue with the audience, to talk about his career and how to develop the cartoon "explained academic, adding that also have the conference "the Mexican comic, cultural heritage of Mexico" by Eduardo Soto. According to Market Santoyo says that each year the meeting improvement, and have always been attended by great authors in activities, which are free.




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