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"The best of the best. Figures 2014 " In Day Museum/ Museum Caricature Warsaw/ Poland 2015

On Saturday, May 16 this year. will be another edition of the Night of Museums, in which also joined the Museum of Caricature. Eryk Lipinski. From hours. 19:00 invite visitors a free tour of the exhibition. Street. Goat 11 for guests wait will be two exhibitions - "The best of the best. Figures 2014 "and" Zbigniew Wozniak. The world satire ".
The event more color to their performance defect Passing improvisational group, representing happening based on the short game improvised and spontaneous flash mobs running in the interaction with the visitors. Improvisations are directly inspired by the suggestions of the audience and will take place without pre-prepared scenario.
Night of Museums in the Museum of Caricature them. Eryk Lipinski
ul. Goat 11, Warsaw
May 16, 2015 r. (Saturday)
h. 19: 00-01: 00

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