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Regulations Of The 18th Caratinga International Humor Show - 3rd Jal&Gual Festival /Brazil, 2023
18th Caratinga International Humor Exhibition
Registration: September 18th to October 31st / 2023
EXHIBITION – The works entered in the competitive exhibition will be exhibited at Casa Ziraldo de Cultura from November 20th to 30th, 2023.
MODALITIES - Unpublished works may be presented in four modalities with only 01 (ONE) per category
1 - CARTOON – Theme: Pride – Envy - Ingratitude
2 - CHARGE - Theme: Pride – Envy - Ingratitude
3 – STRIPS /COMIC – Theme: Pride – Envy - Ingratitude (with text in Portuguese or without text / Maximum of ONE Page)
4 - CARICATURE – theme: free (VERTICAL)
5 – CARICATURE TRIBUTE: Marilene Godinho
  3rd Jal&Gual Festival
The Festival themes are:
1 – CARICATURE “Cartoonists of Brazil” (VERTICAL). Allowed to submit up to three drawings
Note: caricatures by cartoonists Ziraldo and Zélio will not be accepted, as both have already been themes in previous editions.
2 – CARICATURE TRIBUTE: Fernando Coelho dos Santos (VERTICAL) - limit of a drawing.
PARTICIPATION - Artists of any nationality, amateurs or professionals, over 18 years old, may participate. Each participant will be able to submit unpublished drawings. Drawings that have been awarded before the registration closing date will not be able to register.
REGISTRATION - Via email address/jpg file: 300 DPI: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mail (observing the date of posting) Address: Send to 18th Salão de Humor de Caratinga – Rua Geraldo Alves Pinto, 238, Bairro Manoel Ribeiro Sobrinho - Caratinga / MG. CEP: 35.300 - 049.
IMPORTANT: Registration will only be carried out by sending in a SINGLE MESSAGE, the designs registered in all the modalities in which the artist will participate, added with the following information: Full Name / Artistic Name / Address / CPF / ID / Telephone. Each drawing must be identified as follows: NameAuthor_Category_Country_01
TECHNIQUES - DIMENSION: 30 cm x 40 cm. Unpublished works must be original. The technique is free. Works printed on coated/A3 paper will also be accepted
AWARDS: Trophies: for the top three in each category / Certificates: For the three Honorable Mentions in each category
- There will not be more than one award per author in each category. If this happens, the prize will go to the author who obtains the most subsequent points.
- Three Honorable Mentions will be awarded by the Judging Committee in all categories. - Other awards and mentions may be instituted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
- There will be a selection jury and an award jury made up of qualified people in the area. The award jury reserves the right not to allocate awards to categories that do not reach a sufficient level, transferring them to other categories or creating a special award for the Salon. If the award jury finds any type of irregularity, fraud or plagiarism in one or more registered works, you can cancel the award by awarding it to another artist next in your classification. The winning works will be published on the blog and Facebook page of the Salão de Humor de Caratinga after the inauguration and may be challenged up to one week after the opening of the salon with appropriate evidence of any irregularity committed without the knowledge of the jury. All registered works will be purchased for the Associação Estação Cultural de Caratinga. The works will be part of the collection of the Salão de Humor de Caratinga, which may participate in traveling exhibitions, dissemination in print, television and electronic media and be published in books and magazines. By participating in the contest, the artist will be agreeing to the rules of the regulation.
- Works sent by post will not be returned. Those sent will automatically be contributing their work to the exhibition's touring and permanent exhibition collection. By registering, the author automatically transfers the assignment of the Copyright of his/her work(s) when awarded acquisitively in accordance with Law No. 9610 of February 1988 (Copyright Law) in a total, universal and definitive manner in all the modalities of use and free of charge, the copyright, protected by the aforementioned law referring to the work(s) awarded at the Salão Internacional de Humor de Caratinga which becomes part of the Cultural Research Collection and Disclosure of the National Graphic Humor of the Associação Estação Cultural de Caratinga for all purposes of the rights that it reserves to make use of them as it sees fit. Simply registering automatically implies agreement with the terms of this regulation.


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