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Winners Of The 31st.International Satire And Humor Festival "City of Trento"/Italy, 2023
On 29th August 2023 at 9:30 took place a video-conference held by Studio d’Arte Andromeda (via Malpaga 11, Trento, Italy) to start the work of the jury for the above-mentioned contest.
This year’s theme was: WHICH TRUTH? (one, a hundred, a thousand or none).
371 authors, for a total of 972 artworks coming from 59 countries.
Marco De Angelis, cartoonist and illustrator (Jury President).
Marilena Nardi, cartoonist.
Agnese Innocente, cartoonist and illustrator.
Assunta Toti Buratti, cartoonist.
Umberto Rigotti, cartoonist and illustrator.
The level and quality of each work was very high, this year’s theme, ambiguous and interpretable in different ways, has maybe helped everybody’s creativity and has allowed the creation of powerful works both on graphic level and originality. In many of the works authors reached a poetic level of expression through graphic and pictorial media.
The Winners: 
Satire and Humor
 First prize: Grzegorz Szumowski - Poland
 Second prize: Niels Bo Bojesen - Denmark
 Third prize: Constantin Sunnerberg - Belgium
Special mention: Marco Gavagnin - Italy
 Special prize ALESSANDRO ALFONSI: David Vela - Spain
Anna Formilan - Italy
Reza Rahimi - Iran
Cenk Alparslan - Turkey
Sergio Tessarolo - Italy
Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
Fabio Magnasciutti - Italy
Gianlorenzo Ingrami - Italy
First prize: Andrey Selivanov - Russia
 Special mention: Toshow Borković - Serbia
Guido Clericetti - Italy
Giuseppe Mangini - Italy


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