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Winners Of The 2016 First China International Children's Animation Festival Libo Comics

People Libo August 7 (Reporter Shen Qian light) Libo 2016 First China International Children's Animation Festival August 6 to August 8 was held in Libo County, Guizhou Province. Animation Festival mainly by Emerald cartoon contest ICACF, broadcasting special international award- winning animated short film, animation international forums, animation and international tourism industry seminars, workshops animation master, "Looking Emerald" International Children's Animation Camp, Cosplay performances and other activities components. Among them, the Emerald cartoon contest to solicit masters and children's exhibits worldwide in 71 countries and regions in 4500 pieces. Animation works from different styles in different countries and regions in Libo has a display platform, these shortlisted works will be assembled into a book published.

Eventually, from the Republic of Montenegro "Darko Drljevic" get comics adult group gold, Russian Animation "Northern Lights Bear"

won Animation award.
Attachment: Artist AwardsComics adult group Excellence Award
Alexander YAKOVLEV/ Russia- "wonderful childhood world."
Daniel Eduardo VARELA/Argentina
Julio Carrión CUEVA/ Peru- "crying wolf"
Grigori KATZ/ ------- "Progress"
Vladimir KAZNEVSKY/ Ukraine- "Parents and children"
Mar/ Mexico
Nani/ Spain
Seyran CAFERLI/ Azerbaijan
Sohrab KHEIRI/ Iran
Marin CORNEL/ RomaniaComics adult group Bronze:
Chinese "Children Left Behind" and Angel BOLIGAN, Cuba
Silver comics adult group:
Mikhail ZLATKOVSKY/ Russia and Junior LOPES/ Brazil.
Adult comics Gold Award:
Darko DRLJEVIC/Montenegro
Children's Comics Group Excellence Award
Freeman/ USA
Darina Valentinova MILCHEVA/ Bulgaria
Dasha MOSEEVA/Russia
Zhang Ke FISH/ China
Alisa KATZ/ ---------Animation Winners
Outstanding Animation Award
My Joshua Joshua I, Korea
Iran Lady Wth Flower Hair length flower woman head
Russia Hippo Hippo and Juice and Juice
China What's going on with Annie Annie how the
Russia Where the animals go to where the animals
Russia The Rabbits and Wolf small rabbit and wolf
India Dado daughter Daytona
Iran Flower & Nightingale and the Nightingale Flowers
Russia does not bathe the Unwashed Penguin Penguin
South Korea The Forest Paper
Animation Bronze: South Korea, "little king" and Chinese "I come from the prairie."
Animation Silver: India "with you" and Iran "Children under the oaks"
Animation Award: Russia's "Northern Lights Bear"

Darko Drljevic/ Montenegro  


Mikhail ZLATKOVSKY/ Russia


Alexander Yakovlev/Russia


Julio Carrión Cueva/Peru


Vladimir KAZNEVSKY/ Ukraine






Seyran CAFERLI/ Azerbaijan


Sohrab KHEIRI/ Iran  




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