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InternationalCartoon Contest, the XVIthedition20th of June-08thof October 2021, Braila, Romania
The contest is open to all cartoonists.

ENTRIES: max. 3.
The cartoons will be original and  accompanied by a brief biography (including photo, addresse and phone number).
The making technique of the cartoonsis free.
The cartoons will be sent until the 06thof September 2021.
Mandatory technical conditionsSize: A3(297 mmx420 mm).

The cartoons will be sent in electronic format, JPG, 300 dpi, CMYKIn the name of the file, each sent cartoonwill contain the author's name and title of the work/the cartoons’ numbering.
Mailing  address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participants must own all the rights to the cartoons entered in the contest.
The cartoon’s author gives the Organizer the right to use the cartoonwhich entered in the contest, according to the Romanian legislation, in order to promote the event, to make exhibitions, to promotethe institution and the city's image,unlimited,by any means.
The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for any breaches of copyright. Exclusive responsibility lies with the one who sent the cartoon.
THIRD PRIZE –400 €;3
SPECIAL PRIZES –3 x 200 € (each)
The Prizes will betaxed according to Romanian legislation.
Please note!
To be able to receivetheir prize, winners must send the winning cartoon in  original(with the author's signature on the back of the work)  within 30 daysfrom the winners’s announcement and communicate the  bank account in Romanian currency -lei ( for the Romanian competitors) or the euro account (for foreign competitors), the property right over the winning work, being transferred following the payment of the value of the won prize, to CJCPCT Brăila.
The winning cartoons will be mailed to the following address: Romania, Braila, Traian Square, No. 2, Postal code 810153.
The Organizer  shall  not  be  responsible  for  failure  of  a  winner  to  receive  the  prize  for  reasons  that  are  not  related  to  the Organizer.If  the  competitor  does  not  comply  with  the  obligations  imposed  by  this  regulation,  the  Organizer  is  relieved  of  any liability.Mention!In  the  absence  of  interbank  relations  between  Romania  and  the  country  of  origin  of  the  winner, the  Organizer  is relieved of any liability.
The winners will also receive a cataloque and theawarding certificate, in physical format (if they will be present at the opening).
Salon opening and awardingceremony:the 8thof October 2021,1713Depending on the  evolution of covid 19, the Organizer reserves the right to change the conditions of the contest; subsequent changes will be communicated to thoseinterested.
The development will respect the conditions imposed by the legislation regarding Covid 19, but also by the evolution at national and international level of the pandemic caused by Coronavirus.
Taking into account the restrictive measures adopted in order to prevent and limit the spread of Covid 19, the Organizer reserves the right to change the conditions regarding the opening of the eventParticipants  (winners  and  members  of  the  jury)  must  present  at  the  County  Center  for  the  Preservation  and  Promotion  of Traditional  Culture, the  Green  Passport  (proof  of  vaccination  against  Covid)  or  proof  of  RT-PCR test  not  older than  72  hours, under the conditions established by the methodology approved by joint order of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health or  proof  that  the  participant  is  in  the  period  between  the  15th  and  90th  the  following  day  of  confirmation  of  SARS-CoV-2 infection (as shown in Annex No. 1 to HCNSU No. 26 of 10.05.2021 Measures to prevent and control infections proposed to be applied during the alert state)If  the  participant  is  found  with  Covid  19  will  assume  the  payment  of  the  meal  and  accommodation  for  the  quarantine  period provided by the norms of the legislation in force.
Thus, the Organizer is exempt from any financial implications on the quarantine of the participant.
The catalog will include a selection of the most valuable works in the competition.
The  catalog  of  the International  Cartoon  Contest,the 16thedition,  can  be  downloaded  from  the  institution's  website:
Registration  for  the International  Cartoon  Contestis  equivalent  to  taking  note  of  and  complying  with  the  Regulations of  the InternationalCartoon Contest.
Contact: County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Brăila, Piața Traian 2, 810153, Brăila, Romania;Telephone and fax: +40.239.614.710


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