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About to begin the 11th INTERNATIONAL LIMEIRA HALL OF HUMOR we see in recently that the images, which expire after being published because the speed of the "newest information", have huge significance and reflect in what way and how we are living in these days. What does that bring to us? As we dialogue with the new cybernetic era and what condition does it bring to us? Twenty years from now how will be our lives? Can we allow the survival of the planet, or we'll be the generation of the End of the Time?THEMES
All topics suggested here can work on the four possible categories such as Cartoon, Political Cartoon, Caricatures and Comics:1 - THE POWER OF AN IMAGEAll around us, all perceptions are the result of observation of an image, each with its relevance and often with an impact that mobilizes actions that exceed our imagination, and his own artistic expression. Responsibility for the creation and freedom of expression makes us to reflect, when we reach it and get upsets many times, or when we find ourselves affected by the image that marks our lives forever.2 - TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONFocus on the dynamics of communication (cell phones, smartphones, tablets and the use of WI-FI) redefining the pleasure, the work and the life of the city dweller. How humans has defined their time and his new physiology due to a physical and intellectual adaptation of this personal and professional communication.3 - TRANSPORTMobility is an issue of major importance in day-to-day activities. More than the need to get around, it's a matter of health, quality of life, time optimization, efficiency, productivity, positive economic force and respect for citizens with or without special needs. This approach is fundamental and gives rise to humor that leads to reflection and more realistic civility attitudes that can reverse false comfort and agility to our daily lives.4 - MATA ATLÂNTICA FORESTWhat is the role of the citizen and what are the trends for the future in relation to nature?
We are able to make cities with more welcoming environments, able to offer a city which we are proud to live in? How to preserve, admire, enjoy and extend what's left of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil? Wild animals like capybaras, herons, deer, sloths, monkeys etc. that face of their habitat destruction, they end up living and moving around to the urban areas thus hampering the continuity of their species.5 - WATEROur body consists over of 80% of water. Many people forget that during the nine months of gestation lived on the water, where they could evolve and form literally.
The lack of awareness, the multimillion reasons to personal relationships, we can see the waste and the lack of respect to this element so vital, that nourishes us and sustains us, which involves thousands of lives, from cells to small streams live veins of our planet, from the rivers to the endless seas, carrying on a little piece of each of us, recycling materials. Micro the cosmos, detail, to immensity, in all dwells, and is fundamental to our planet.
Nature in turning over and is showing that it is not proof of everything and begins to give us an answer. Does the human condition will bring the collapse of our planetary equilibrium in the medium and long term? The most important thing of our lives it's going to be wasted for future generations? A reflection on our social and personal issues about water and the maintenance of that, we must preserve of at all costs, our most valuable richness.6 - NEW WORLDWe live in an increasingly troubled world because a few people are predisposed to "have" a lot, besides few others that has no goal for "having" too much. Maybe because of a lack of personal organization and skills to reach it, or those who understand the real reason of life and the higher purpose for us, dealing with the true meaning of live and each other issues, whether physical or spiritual. We realize that people, who are seeking only for material improvements, are not usually those who seek excess material goods. After all our certainty is that nothing will be taken away, besides the fruits of our attitudes in ourselves, good or bad.
How can the first world countries, which has a developed and organized social education, could collaborate with the world's children and our future to become good adults unlike the underworld that we observe in some continents? How could we avoid this unacceptable life for thousands of beings "our brothers" with international aid of great potential turning our planet into a large United State? Is there interest and awareness for this need?7 - APOCALYPSEThe word of the Greek language meaning "revelation" has become synonymous with World's End, which actually could be better interpreted as "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" described in the book of John. Does this end of the world that awaits us is a certainty, or is there actually a human, negative and opportunistic intention on this testimony of his disciple and teachings of one of our great teachers of humanity? Does the premonition of Jesus is a divine message or a single forecast of how the human being working, with his own devastating attitudes, and if it will destroy our planet and yourself?REGISTRATIONS
Registration are free. Participants can sign up with three works of his own, in A3 size (29.7 x 42cm) until 11 September 2015.
All works should be UNIQUE AND UNPUBLISHED. If not respected the rules the drawings do not compete for prizes.For works sent by MAIL:
(Caricature, Cartoon, Political Cartoon and Comics)
Rua Tiradentes 501
Limeira - SP 13480 970 - BrasilTo DIGITAL works:
(Digital and Interart)
Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in A3 size with 300dpi JPEG.AWARDS
For selected in each category will have certificates and trophies. This year we will have one (1) cash prize of R $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais) which will include an artist chosen by our judging panel.
Those selected will be exhibited from September 21 to October 5, 2015, at the Victoria Theatre Gallery, plus the permanent virtual exhibition on the O PIU Publisher House ( All entries will be considered acquisitive by O PIU publishing house. The possession, use and other rights in these jobs are held by Editora Ltda O PIU, which reserves the right to make use of them to his will. The simple application configures automatically and full participant in accordance with this Regulation

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