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Will Return World Press Cartoon In 2024
As previously informed, an unexpected decision by our main sponsor of the last six years has left the World Press Cartoon Board without the means to launch, in the autumn, as is tradition, the call for participation at the following year's contest.
Regrettably, arriving at the time of year when our International Jury traditionally meets, we can only confirm that there are no financial support conditions that allow us to hold the event this year, within the standards of rigor and quality that have always characterized World Press Cartoon. It will therefore be, since 2005, the second time that the world community of cartoonists does not have this privileged annual meeting point.
We believe that the history of World Press Cartoon is a guarantee of the organization's commitment to defending the values we share around freedom of the press and the promotion of cartoons as an indispensable genre in reference journalism. We appreciate the support of all the cartoonists who have contacted us, with words of encouragement that raise awareness and give us the strength to proceed.
A few years ago, after participating as a member of the World Press Cartoon jury, the brilliant cartoonist Adam Korpak wrote: «I would say that cartoonists with ability and talent have the power of the small drops of water that, by their persistent action, can break the hardest stones.» It is with this spirit and the same persistence that we promise to return with World Press Cartoon in 2024.


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